A crimsonly defeat

From white boxing pants that turned slowly to crimson, Diaz looked almost like he didn't know what hit him. He is the beaten man and Manny Pacquiao reigned supreme.

I am not much of a boxing fan. I find it too gruesome, violent and sadistic. Imagine having fun watching a person get hurt. And Diaz got hurt. Really bad.

I salute Manny Pacquiao for the kind but unlikely gesture of wanting to bring Diaz up when the former 'signalled for help' while he was down on the floor. His magnanimity in defeat is further proven when news reports indicated, that during the few moments before the fight ended, he was already trying to tell the referee, that Diaz might not be able to handle it any longer. I am not sure of the actual words spoken and this is pure speculation on my part, but I believe that at one point he slowed down to soften the blows directed at his opponent.

For this instinctive gestures alone, I salute Manny Pacquiao. An illuminating fighter, a real champion, a true hero.

Congratulations, Manny!!!