Happy MOTHERs Day

Amidst all the chaos the world is experiencing right now, I wonder, if it is safe to think that mothers are failing in the job of raising children? Is motherhood in trouble?

I read somewhere "that the maternal wish and the activity of mothering are instinctive or biologically predestined is baloney. Try asking most sociologists, psychologists, psycho-analysts, biologists -- many of whom are mothers -- about motherhood being instinctive; it's like asking department store presidents if their Santa Clauses are real".

Is Alvin Toffler right in sayin

... advances in Science and technology or in reproductive biology
alone could within a short time, smash all orthodox ideas about
the family and its responsibilities. When babies can be grown in a
laboratory jar what happens to the self-image of the female in
societies which, since the very beginning of man, have taught her
that her primary mission is the propagation of and nurture of the

Isn't it true that marriages can be automatically annulled if the wife is incapable of bearing children, if she didn't state this before the marriage?

Is motherhood a dying avocation?

What if your "offspring might literally not be yours, but that of a genetically 'superior' ovum, implanted in your womb from another woman, or even grown in a Petri Dish?"

Questions, questions...

And then there's the 'issue' about Mother's Day. Some say, it has turned out to be laden with too many commercial undertones; with flowers, cakes, spas and for those who could afford, gifts of jewelries, expensive material things and trips abroad?

Issue? Whatever. It doesn't matter.

To me it simply means that it is a day reserved to remind us to be nicer, sweeter, more thoughtful of our mothers. They deserve t
his day! These God created breed of humans who serves us, make us happy and at the same time can make us feel guilty, "shame us to tears anytime we slipped and acted ugly".

Boy, am I glad I am a mother!



And whoever heard of Father earth? :-)