Tree planting and growing - an earth friendly and joyful task

A wee bit of
an avocado plant to a now grown one:-) right in the middle of our backyard.

My humble contribution to earth day is attested by these photos of fruit trees as we
ll as plants I was able to grow in our backyard, starting almost six years ago.

There's the jackfruit tree, photo of which is at the left above this line. Then the next is my favorite forget-me not flower plant. Makes me feel like a real mother plant Mom whenever I prune her unwieldy leaves. Then there's our squash plant, where we are now able to harvest its flowers playing its nutritious role everytime we prepare our green salad recipe.

Then at the corner of the yard, two other avocado plants, now also fully grown but taller than what we have in the middle of the yard.

It feels lovely to see them plants grow each day, pruning and watering them just like you 'do' for a child.

Happy Earth Day! Better Late than never.