Second wind, hopefully third car?

I promised my young children that I would buy our first car in 1993. Whether it was brand new or used I didn't care. After looking around for sometime, we finally got one in May 1994. She was an old Toyota, seen better days. She was baptized with some name I now, can not recall. Quite serviceable, but needed a little paint and re-upholstery job. The children, ecstatic, suggested to color her red for luck. She looked haggard when we first saw her, with all her white color chipping off. So it came to pass. Pretty in that dark red color, she came home one day, looking like she was ready to give us a lot of rides.

My children had a lot of fun riding her. They went to school with her, practically everywhere, and we rode like it was the prettiest car around. It was in this Toyota that I took to taking on driving seriously. Over here, our motor vehicle office is quite lax. I got my license before I can drive perfectly:-( Point is I just got the license but never got to practice. My brother was the one driving us around. I requested him to be our driver, to take the children to school and pick them up after. It was a good arrangement. He had a full time job but managed to get off at the strike of 5:00 P.M. His office was very near our home.

Everything pretty and dandy that went on for several months until I bought my second car in 1995. As a gift to myself. I was working hard. After leaving a corporate job, I venture on my own and that was that. My second car was a brand-new Mitsubishi. Yes, back then, Japanese made cars were considered good, if not the best. When it was delivered to our home, she was elegant in a silver metallic color. I thought, gee, I have arrived.

It is always good to look back at some of the good things we have done in the past. Reminiscing about it makes me continue to hope that there remains a second wind for me, if only for my Ibanag Mom.