Ramiele, the fight isn't over till the singin's done

I hope Ramiele doesn't get booted out this week. I am sure it is going to be easy for them to do that you know. She, being Asian in origin. Having said that, I would like to think that 'race' has never been and will never be an issue.

But, I doubt if she'd even be on the Top 5, much less an American Idol :-(

There is no question Ramiele is close to my heart. She is a Filipino by birth, you see. I don't know about the others, but by nature we gravitate towards our own. Where ever we go, especially abroad, we are always happy to see someone familiar, of our own, if you must. And there is nothing more heart warming than to see one of us make it big. Is there anything wrong with that? I thought so.

Back to Ramiele. Her voice can definitely compete. But every week her body language states otherwise. I can almost feel her ready to give up during booting out time. No! Ramiele! You have to believe! Belief in yourself will give you enough motivation to stay. Faith and the will to survive will make you stronger and then YOU will have the chance to deliver a world-class performance, week after week. You made it this far, right?

So don't give up. The fight isn't over till the singin's done :-)

A warm round of applause for this girl!