It's not a Monday but a super Tuesday when I got the good news

My friend who is currently in the United States called me the other day, Tuesday, to ask what I would want as a long overdue 2007 Christmas gift. Sheepishly, I told him, nahh, you’ve got to be kidding. But he remembers me mentioning about a “more sophisticated camera”, I had been wanting to own for the longest time.

“Remember”, he said, for your blogging pleasures? “And surprise!,” he said, “I already got you one.” Wow! I could not believe my ears. “How on earth did I deserve that”? That’s what I asked him.

“Worry not. I got your gift from cyber monday. “It is a super online site that provide links to a whole line of merchants offering significant discounts for hundreds of items purchased after Thanksgiving here.

From consumer electronics, to HDTV’s, sporting goods, shoes, supermarket items, publications, if you want something, they definitely have it online. You can browse and pore over all these items until you make your final decision to buy”.

Wow that’s hassle free shopping. And the best part, the items come with discounts. I understand that my friend got my camera from Best Buy. When I visited the site, I found out that aside from hot deal items they also have sales and free shipping events. Best yet, they offer email alerts to let people know when new cyber monday ads on sales are posted. Go, happy! How convenient is that!

The site is a safe and secure, easy to navigate, provides 24x7 facility for shopping concerns and you can conveniently shop with a credit card or even buy a gift card so the gift recipient gets exactly what she or he likes. And hear this, sometimes an item can go on sale, regardless of specifications. Something, like all scanners on sale for a limited time. I say, perfect timing.

Ahh my friend, getting terrific buys has always been your stronger suits. Imagine keeping it a secret till today. Because, next Sunday he will be back home and he’s bringing it with him. If I were you, I will go and check the website, right now.Check if there's a sale going on. Then go buy! Happy Shopping!