Disposing and Managing Vegetable and Animal Oil Household Waste

I think Marikina, the place I am very proud to live in has started another inovative and environment friendly waste management strategy. I think this is what they call the household hazardous waste program, somewhere else. This strategy entails collecting used animal and vegetable oils from community dwellers with the end goal of generating bio-diesel from the collected waste.

In other words, recycling. In our subdivision, they have began doing this just this afternoon. I said 'I think' at the beginning of this post because I am not actually sure :-) I hope it's not one of those "trying to have another business" group planning another business venture. I am praying it is 'Munisipyo'-initiated.

I remember seeing a news report about an unscrupulous group passing off waste cooking oil as newly refined. WTF is the matter with these people's conscience? But I digress.

Normally, vegetable or animal oils will have to be “stabilized for disposal. Landfills are not allowed to accept liquid wastes, so animal or vegetable oil should be solidified by mixing it with kitty litter or other absorbent to the point that the absorbent is moist, but not dripping. The moist absorbent should be double-bagged in trash bags and can then be put in the trash”. It is excellent that the Marikina government has taken upon itself as usual, the task of leading this environment protection gesture at heart.

I wonder if they are also taking in other types of oil like motor oils, including oil filters?

I saw this and this site with a wealth of information on household hazardous waste.