Call To Earth Day

Concern for the environment had always been instilled in our children since they were old enough to talk. This is one reason why our eldest daughter took up B.S. Biology. Somewhere along the way, her focus shifted to children, taking courses that would later qualify her to teach kindergarten and take her all the way to Jakarta to handle kids of ex-patriates in an international school. Thirty one years old, single, and idealistic as ever, she told us that she didn’t shift her focus; but redirected her efforts to teach younger kids, since they are more receptive to learning – more so about environmental protection.

Yesterday being Earth Day, she called us from Singapore where she is staying currently to remind us of certain actions and activities to promote Earth Day. I was concerned about the cost of the call to her budget, but she told me the prepaid phone card she obtained has a very generous offer that would really allow for meaningful conversations with family – at a very affordable rate. She asked incessantly about the trees she helped plant in our backyard. I was certainly pleased and surprised that she could stay long on the phone, where normally she would be in a rush. I found fulfillment knowing that I contributed to the protection of the environment by planting several trees. But my greatest contribution is in inculcating the concern for the earth on the next generation.

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