The Buteyko Knowledge Channel: The Plan

My friend and I planned on putting up "The Buteyko Knowledge Channel".

This was what I initially provided as research for the project:

The Planned Mission
To be the authority portal for buteyko knowledge and information

To provide an environment for global advocates and collaborators in the promotion of quality buteyko products and services

The Keys to Success - the following will play a significant role in determining the success of the Buteyko Knowledge Channel

1. Effectively segment the online market of the buteyko practice through branding
2. Successfully position ourselves as the authority portal on buteyko through
superior content
3. Communicate the differentiation and quality of offering through proven methods
of web marketing
4. Develop a repeat business base of loyal clients through superior online
experience both for the customers and partners

What The Buteyko Channel would Be:
1. a B2C Business to Consumer Portal
partners are Buteyko website owners, buteyko qualified practitioners,
product providers (books, DVD’s), buteyko advocates
• venue to communicate and disseminate information
• as an additional sales channel to marketing and advocacy efforts
• promotes efficiency, reduce cost, increase productivity in the sales and
marketing process
• aggregate information from a global perspective
• allow members to be part of a working team advocating buteyko
• be connected to a culture of wellness
• be a member of a community

2. A one-stop destination for advertisers and marketers offering a endless
variety of buteyko product and service choices

3. Services include
• a search engine or directory
• news
• maps
• course materials/publications/links/personal profiles
• email/forum/chat room/message boards/events planner
• shopping, mall or store
• other options for customization

4. Portal features
• attractive design (look and feel) professional
• functional content organization
• highly navigable or easy to use
• flexible or fully integrated with their existing business processes
• advertising formats
• banners & buttons
• text links & search results
• Multi-format sponsorships

5. The process
• the design
• create web pages
• submit site to search engines
• monitor rankings
• offer advice for making pages rank higher
• create an online store to sell the products/service
• add feedback forms
• create a chat room or setup a membership area
• enable credit card payment system from the site (determine feasibility)
• shopping cart
• video file enabled
• forms enabled -allow visitors to send feedback from site.
• site meter measure visits
• other buteyko resources: like find a qualified buteyko practitioner in
your area
• academic/scientific research or scholarly works
• pamphlets, directories, catalogues and brochures
• poetry, essays, books and research
• speeches, reports and advertising copy
• contributions to collective works
• compilations of data
• testimonials

Nothing really came out of it because my prospective partner/s and I had a lot of unsettled differences that remained that - unsettled :-(