What's the Deal? Phishing Expedition?

Not for any particular reason, just now, I did a search of 'Ibanag in the City' on Google. Among other things I found that my blog has been indexed? Why do I sound like I was complaining? I am not sure. But it seems that this blog directory called blogged.com is using my blog for a certain purpose. First, viewers were being asked to rate my blog; second if the viewer happens to be the owner, a claim must be made but not after they ask you to sign in asking for email ads and all.

WTF. Sorry.

I smell something unusual here. Am I right in thinking that this is a phishing expedition? Whoa! It really is not clearly visible if you look at this print screen I took because the usually bmpeed print screens I have already converted to jpg. I don't need the extra load in my blog.

Suffice it to say I am witnessing first hand the unsavory side of the web. Am I correct in assuming this? I need to know :-)