To Post or Not to Post? That is no longer a question

Would you want to earn some extra cash on the side and still continue doing your fun thing, meaning, writing? If you are, I think you should start hitching with a social networking site like payperpost which I did recently and why not? It was a chance to hone my writing skills by learning the blogging ropes, so to speak. What have I got to lose? After all, what I needed to do was pick the stuff that I liked and write about it. Stay real, that’s my philosophy.

The first time I heard about PPP was from another blogger. I knew she was truly having fun. Aside from that, the money was pretty significant. I am quite sure. Her advice to me, “nothing comes easy”. It was a little rough in the beginning, she said, but persistently she was able to build a solid writing and reviewing reputation. She was consistently tapped to do big projects. Projects which gave her a lot of room to incorporate a cool and laid back style which advertisers wanted to begin with. Her creative writing mark was evident in each written post.

She totally inspired me. And so here I am, proudly emulating all the positive tact about her style. By slowly building up my own experience I hope to earn the kind of money that will afford me to buy a laptop and perhaps a more sophisticated camera. That would be my lucky day.