Online Citizens Beware

Relationships are a crucial part of a fulfilling life. Personal relations in the real world are often complicated and being in an on and off toxic relationship for a time, have driven a sizeable number of people -- men and women to give up on developing real world romance. It is in the real world where pain caused by separation and abuse from users, takers, liars, or just plain manipulators can be doubly hurtful and damaging.

Is this why people look to the internet as a place to find romantic fulfillment, for a change? However, is it safe to assume that the virtual world is free from the same kind of integrity-challenged individuals? Aren’t there web scoundrels also out there, perverted and easy to escape real world responsibilities in exchange for momentary occasions of online flirtation and excitement? Online citizens beware.

If you are in the market for an online relationship it pays to be wary and careful of people you meet on many social networking or chat sites available these days. Watch out for:

  1. Smooth talkers. They can say anything and everything you want to hear.
  2. If you are using chat sessions to find a potential romantic partner observe the behaviour of your target person- meaning how he or she communicates with others. Check out individual profiles.
  3. Enjoy flirtation in a safe and clean manner. Playful, positive but not too personal and no sexual innuendos. Use clean and unperverted sense of humor.
  4. Probe. Ask and answers about parents or family background, religion, politics, marriage, bringing-up children, career plans and other things considered important..
  5. Keep yourself and your expectations real. Avoid obsessiveness from both parties.
  6. Do not rush to give out personal information. A sensible person on the other end should understand this. Check out for superficialities.
  7. Honesty and trust is the name of the game. Know who to trust. Take care of falling into the “instant intimacy” syndrome, common in most internet-based friendships.
  8. And be very careful about vicious individuals who enjoy "flaming" or purposely shocking others with their opinions. Be prepared for their outrageous antics, but don't let them drive you completely away from what’s truthful and safe.