Holy Week Family Vacations

Wow it is Holy Week once more. It is supposed to be a Catholic ritual ideally spent for introspection if you will or reflection... to sort out the whys and wherefores of our lives. That is the tradition. I think only the old do this these days. The young? Well, their all hied off at some travel spot. Worry-free and carefree. How time flies.

It is Maundy Thursday today in the Philippines. No traffic. Yey! The city is quiet. Finally, the roads can take a respite at least for the next 2 days. They need a break too, I surmise.

As usual families who cannot afford to go out of town trips just rented tons of DVD tapes ready for the weekend viewing. The budget conscious lot paid their way to Boracay and similar spots, through cheap air fares like those offered by Sea Air. But the news last night said a couple of flights were canceled. I don't exactly know how many but definitely there were cancellations.

What a boomer!

For the rest of us, and I don't know about you, I am taking a chance at blogging if and when I get access to a computer :-( here at home. If not I would be spending time with this cable channel or this Discovery service. Maybe even get a good read like what I have in my store.