Have you heard of the Robot phone?

Mobile Phones are king as far as our market is concerned. Everyone, from the house help to the busy top executive wants to have the best looking and the latest model of cell phones. Mine, is an old and dilapidated Sony Ericsson T610. It is still very much usable, with camera and all but, here’s my problem: batteries are no longer available, except perhaps those that are factory refurbished. Sigh

But for my own and for the rest of mobile phone new model followers here’s some interesting info:

1. A Japanese carrier, Softbank has launched a first-of-its-kind mobile phone, dubbed 815T PB. Developed by Toshiba, this special handset is different from the rest of the mobile phones in the world as it looks like a humanoid robot. Robot-liked phone comes in two different versions, namely Silver X07 and the Black X01. It features Buddy Talk that helps the 815T PB to express and display a variety of expressions that includes smile, anger, wink and many more. With this function, the device also has the ability to respond to voice conversation and gradually improve its answers.

Besides, the 815T PB Humanoid Robot Phone includes:
3G capability
A 2.4-inch QVGA TFT LCD with 0.8 in monochrome OLED sub display
3.2-megapixel camera with auto-focus
14 MB built-in memory
A micro SD card slot expandable up to 2GB

To make it a humanoid robot phone, you have to attach its detachable body part such as hands and legs. Interestingly, these body parts can also be placed in different positions. The 815T PB phone is expected to start shipping by April in Japanese market. Price is not yet disclosed.

2. Disney has announced its foray into the Japanese mobile phone market. From March 2007 onwards, Walt Disney Japan will begin its new mobile phone service called Disney Mobile. Disney is reportedly targeting women this time around. Disney revealed that it plans to introduce around three new mobile phone models on a yearly basis. The first handset to be launched will be made by Sharp Corp. It will include digital-television-viewing capabilities and a chip that stores electronic money and which will allow users to utilize their mobile phones like debit cards or train passes.

Further, in keeping with the target audience of young women, the first handset has a very sophisticated look and will come in three metallic colors of pink, gold and silver. It will carry a subtle Disney theme and the cover of this phone will include a monogrammed pattern of Mickey Mouse’s silhouette. For the newly announced Disney Mobile service in Japan, Disney has partnered with Softbank Mobile. Softbank Mobile, a subsidiary of Softbank, will handle all the back-end operations like customer service and sales of the Disney Mobile service via its network of more than 2,500 Softbank Mobile stores. The price of the Disney mobile phones is not yet known and even the number of subscribers that the company is expected to target in the first year is unknown as of now.

3. Water babies, whatever be your fetishes or fantasies, Casio answers them all. Casio launches their cool new Casio W61CA which uses Exilim technology that makes this phone rainstorm-proof! Available only through the KDDI network in Japan, this new sports phone with its 5.megapixel camera with a self timer button gives you just as much resolution as would a point-and-shoot camera. The camera also features a 35 mm wide-angle lens, 8x digital zoom and auto focus function. Standing at a sleek 18.9 mm thick and weighing 132 grams, the phone has a 2,7 inch wide QVGA high resolution LCD, microSD expansion and DMB TV. Additional features also include Japanese-English dictionary, voice commands, calorie consumption calculator, earthquake warning system and lastly an ‘Adelie Penguin’ anime story featured on the standby screen. The Casio W61CA is available in Mode Green, Couture Gold, Espirit Yellow and Robe white.

4. Samsung has launched a new handset which is highly durable and features built in anti-shock along with water and dust resistance. Samsung has teamed up with O2 to release this rugged handset. Samsung’s Solid handset is designed especially for builders, tradesmen and extreme sportspersons. The handset comes with a thick rubber body which can withstand extreme environmental conditions. The other features which the Samsung handset offers include: Built-in FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, A VGA camera, A long battery life, Built-in flash light
which doubles up as an emergency torch, With SOS dialing , Send alert messages to a nominated contact by pressing the volume button three times in quick succession, Resistance to water, dust, anti shock, Flash light , Mobile Tracker, GPRS, Dual band.