Better page rank long overdue? Just asking?

I realized how much information I lack about trying to increase my blogs' page ranks. That is not to say I am getting obsessive about it. But the idea that there's practically no one out there that I could get interested to read what I say no matter how mundane :-) is making me depressed.

The fact is maybe I don't know how to do it! I have driven my blogs practically by gut feel. Reading others, joining blog communities, engaging others through comments I think that must amount to something.

I have been blogging regularly since September 2007, but published my very first blog in January 2006. It was a project I started and wanted to see through no matter what. Sheer determination. That, I can do it despite nearing senior citizenship is really a plus if you ask me.

In fact, I was even able to teach someone how to do it. And guess what? His page ranking today is much, much better than mine. I must admit he writes and researches his posts very well. Truly original content. (except the images which he borrows from the web)

He had me to guide him. How lucky.

What about me? It's okey I am fine.

Writing about these seemingly inane things had got me feeling better already.

Despite the absence of a mentor to guide my steps, I feel okey.