Technology to a Golden Ibanag girl

People like myself who has reached the golden years normally have a difficult time dealing with technology. I know because I actually experience it at times. Talk about mobile phones - I have the bluetooth and the IR feature. Back then I didn't know how to make it work. The User's Manual is mostly not user-friendly :-) And what about operating the DVD player? Years ago I got confused figuring out which cable went with all the red, white and yellow jacks on the TV.It didn't help that I worked at a software company and my background is really liberal arts.

Everything I know about technology is self-taught. Yes, out of my own initiative. I'm not sure if I am correct but I found out that techies are not the best teachers. Possessing a technician's mindset they always think in terms of procedures -- detailed and programmed flow of things. But hanging out with them made me understand them better, their idiosyncratic moods and impatience with things.

Today, I am more or less confident. With technology you only need to have the bravado to tinker and explore through trial and error. That's how I am slowly learning template tweaking and HTML and CSS. And I don't feel 50'ish at all.

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