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Nature's Hidden Laws Part 2- Law of Affirmation

The “Law of Affirmation says that whatever goals you repeat over and over in a positive, present tense, and personal way will be accepted by your subconscious as commands. They will begin to be drawn into your life by the law of attraction".

This is amazing: "The key to the Law of Affirmation is that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something that is vividly imagined or real. This is why you’ll hear speakers and trainers say, ‘Say it like you already own it’.

Simple ways in which you can maximize the Law of Affirmation.
1. Write your goals out every day. Be specific. Say, I like this __________________. It is so sleek and pretty; imagining it is already in your possession.

2. Repeat them out loud. You get used to the sound of your own voice over time. In the beginning, when you first verbalize a new goal, you feel weird.

It is only natural because goals are designed to stretch you to become a person you have never been before. You are being pulled out of your comfort zone. By verbalizing your goal you absorb it faster. You become comfortable with the idea of it faster. In short, you achieve it faster.

3. Write and say it with real emotion, as though you achieved it a week ago and you are still buzzing with excitement (or whatever emotions you imagine you’ll have when you achieve your goal).
4. Be patient because that is it.

There is no need to complicate a very simple process. The Law of Affirmation is most powerful when repeated using the 'write it, say it, own it' method."

Now this is what I call a doable action. I have tried this one before and I believe most of the time it worked. During those times that I really needed money to pay for something very important, somehow, and almost always I manage to get it.

Before getting my first car, I focused for months about getting a car. Not a brand new one but something even used. I would think of a new car driving my children to school everyday. Although, I didn't know how to drive at that time, I imagined my brother as the driver. And so it came to pass, I got an old car, very old in fact. But that was okey. It was something I could use. And even as we drove home from where we purchased the car, I was already thinking that I was going to get another one, this time something brand new. That was May, 1993. In July of 1994, my brand new car was delivered.

But I suppose there's a limitation about this law. I think, you will fail to get anything no matter how you affirm, if that something will not be good for you.

Yes, that' my excuse for not getting thinsg I have been affirming for a long, long time now :-)

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