Nature's Hidden Laws Part 1 - The Law of Attraction

I found this site which speaks about the nine hidden laws of Nature. This is the first of nine. Read on. There might be something to be of value in what it is saying.

The Law of Attraction which is said to have began in 3000 B.C. can be summarized in two words – Think Positive.

“This great Law says that 'You are a living magnet'. You invariably attract into your life people and situations in harmony with your dominant thoughts. You have probably heard of the Principle of Sympathetic Resonance. This is where you strike a musical note (such as “A”) on a piano. If you walk across the room to the guitar sitting by itself in the corner you will find the “A” string vibrating in harmony with the piano.

With a closer look you will see that we live in a world of vibration. Everything is vibrating. We may not see it with our physical eyesight yet under a microscope we know that nothing rests. Everything is in a constant state of vibration.

Thought is one of the highest forms of vibration there is. So it makes sense that what we think about begins to attract things of a like nature to us. Much like the “A” note being struck. The initial vibration sets up a chain reaction where things of a like nature (vibrating in harmony) attract themselves to each other.

Knowing this, it is fair to say that the people, results and things you have in your life are ones that you have attracted. The state of vibration (we call these states, feelings or moods) you are in determines the level at which you play. People who coat themselves in negativity operate from a lower form of vibration. They naturally attract things of a like nature. Fear, loss, frustration and anger become their ruling states.

People who have an understanding of what we are talking about here, tend to operate from a higher place. One where peace, love and passion for what they do become the core of their success.

The Law of Attraction is so precise in its nature that you will get exactly what you think about, in proportion to the emotional involvement you have with it. The greater the intensity of emotion you feel with an idea the faster you attract it into your life.

The Law of Attraction is working for you whether you realize it or not. Knowing that this Law is always present and working relentlessly to bring you what you think about, the question worth asking yourself is, ‘Am I thinking about what I’m thinking about?

Focus your thoughts on the things that you want and you will inevitably and often surprisingly receive them. The more you understand how this Law works, the less surprised you will be. “

Actually, thi is the basis I think of "The Secret".