Ibanag Screenshot Widgets

So see above screenshots among many others I have been taking for some obvious and unexplained reasons :-)

During my daily blogging ritual it is sometimes difficult for me to access my jpeg and doc files because I just borrow this laptop. When the laptop owner is himself doing his blogs (I taught him how), which he does daily as well, I have no option but to use my son's desktop. I seldom use his desktop because my back aches. His computer chair was calibrated for a tall person. I am only 5 feet and 4 inches. And yes, because he is tall :-)

My son also informed me that I do not need to worry about my files in another computer device, because I can easily access it. Sigh. Yes, eeeeeasily he says. There's nothing to it? Because, the "my network places" shall take care of that. The golden (I am past 50) lotusflower tried to do as instructed. Voila! I am embarrassed to admit. My files are not anywhere near where I could find it. Arrrgh!

I thought I could use Google Docs.

But then again decided against it. Why not put the screen shots in my post so I can easily get to it. Unfortunately, there too many of them. Appearance-wise it is a no go. I thought 4 widgets would not be too overwhelming.

And why not use this whole exercise a blogpost theme.

Why not?