Google and Yahoo on various mobile devices

I don't have the statistics of just how many Web-enabled phones have been sold, so far, this part of the world but this was what I gathered:

Yahoo is now available on the following cellphones:
1. Nokia Series 60, 5300 Xpress Music phones, Series 40
2. Motorola Linux-based mobile devices, MOTORAZR maxx V6 and MOTORAZR V3xx devices
3. Samsung SGH-E570
4. LG (unspecified phone models)

Google enabled mobile phones:
1. Sony Ericsson
2. Samsung
3. LG

Something weird happened about the info I gathered regarding the above. The specific phone models which I gathered from different news releases were lost while I was trying to rearrange the phone images inside my post. WTF. Arrrgghh. I will try to get the info again to complete this post.

Take note that Samsung mobile phones are enabled for Google and Yahoo Searches.
(Unfortunately, they are each on different models.)

By the way, to compare Google and Yahoo Search on mobile check out this web address I found.