Ibanag's Conversations on shopping carts

My friend called me the other day to ask if I knew something about shopping cart software. She was thinking of putting up an ecommerce site to sell items catering to Filipino OFW's. I said I was just browsing over this site, which talks about what I think is exactly what she needs.

Of course I told her about Ashop Commerce, a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. As one of the leading shopping cart software supplier, Ashop provides a total solutions online shopping cart package which is easy on the budget, is feature-rich, search engine optimized, and provides unlimited design templates to choose from, without you having to worry about full technical and customer service support at all.

Ashop shopping cart software requires no programming or plug-ins to get it running. Instead it provides a custom HTML feature that highlights rich text editors, best for non-programmers like us. I told her you know how to blog, you'd know how to use this software.

What's more, Ashop shopping cart systems are Search Engine Optimized ensuring more prospective customers finding the site. Goes without saying that more business opportunities translates to higher sales volumes.

She was also concerned - does it provide a secured payment system environment? No sweat, I said. Ashop shopping carts are designed to allow integration with major banks, third-party payment gateway systems, including Paypal. They will even offer their services to help you obtain other credit card processing facilities.

And consider that the shopping cart offerings of Ashop are hosted on ultra fast web servers, on a 24x7 monitoring system, backed-up and guaranteed to provide 99.8% uptime. How reassuring is that?

So what are you waiting for? I asked. Go check out their website now. Pronto.