Spicy bloggers for peace

I started a group at my spicy page called Spicy bloggers for peace. I have been thinking about these for weeks now and finally it is here. I initiated a group within Spicy to enlist fellow bloggers who would like to share their idea about promoting peace and harmony -- that is around the internet or perhaps in the real world. I call it 'random acts of peace'. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular. Acts we consciously or unknowingly fail to do or, do, that promote better understanding and harmony, discourage discord, or help foster peace. Between us and our friends, neighbors, co-workers, business partners/acquaintances, family members, or wherever there is human contact or interaction.

I hope to replicate this project in the other communities where I am also a member like Blog Catalog, My Bloglog, Blog Cave, Fuel My Blog?, Blogging to Fame, Others Online?(Their widget is missing from my blog today). I also intend to publish it online(with proper citation of course to the contributors) through Blurb Booksmart. The fruition of this project will help me feel good about myself. So, I hope all you bloggers will join in. I am still working on the mechanics on how I will gather the contributions, perhaps through an email which I will set up soon. So please, if you get the time, try to join in. In the mean time, Spicy I think will be able to handle this. Thanks.

My Plea:

"Peace remains elusive because there's so much disharmony around the world. I, however, think that random acts of peace can initiate better understanding among peoples. If each one of us is committed to do our share, hope might just be around the corner. This may sound simplistic, yes. But we can dream, can’t we? For our children, for our loved ones. My take: One peace, One world. One for Peace. This is the power of ONE. Have you made ONE today?"