Scrap Metal Takes Over Marikina City

How can scrap metal take over a city? Read this

I am a proud resident of Marikina. Every year I enthusiastically wait for the celebration of Christmas in this city known for its warmth and courteous people.

Marikeno's will celebrate the Yuletide season this year with gigantic robots dressed up with Santa's cap and adorned with colorful Christmas trimmings and buntings. The robots are scattered all around the city and some proudly displayed at the City Hall. Residents are having a grand time taking pictures of their children with the Christmas robots.

Why the techno theme?

From what I heard, Marikina City keeps a lot of old and unusable metal scrap and plastic discards in its warehouses. This year, instead of spending money to buy Christmas decor to adorn the city, officials decided to build Gundam like robot figures. Towering from one foot to 10 feet high the gigantic scrap metal figures were assembled to signify and cheer the Christmas holidays.

Truly a unique idea, Marikina, again demonstrates its resourcefulness in transforming waste items to an environment-friendly Christmas decor for the enjoyment of its residents and visitors.

Go! Marikina!