Monetizing Blogs 101

Does this image look like we have started earning from our blogs?
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I have added a couple of monetizing tools in my blogs. I just wanted to see how it goes. Is it true that you can earn some cash? How far can anyone go?

Here's the story. Last September, I got some codes from auction ads, placed it on two or three of my sidebar panels. The first day was great. I saw the ads displayed. The next day, when I checked, the ads were gone. Greenhorn as I am in this blogging thing, I thought WTF happened? You see, I am seldom profane :-(

Hello. Anybody home? Little did I know that I am not really supposed to see these ads. DUH! Next thing I knew, I had removed the codes. That was early September.

Without any reason, I checked my account from auction ads last week. Surprise!!! My account said I had US$25. It was paid for the number of blog page impressions. :-) Bigggg Grinnn :)

Lesson I learned. IT WORKS!!! Need I say more?

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