Looking to earn some cash

No dice as they say. I am not sure if announcing that I put up an amazon store through an earlier post was the reason why it was taken out of my blog.

Deciding to try adsense early this week I got excited when the ads came out. But for a few hours :-( I guess. Because when I got back, nada - it's gone.

Now I am in a dilemma. Was there something about their 'rules' I didn't understand or missed out or perhaps failed to understand? The terms of use were not exactly brief and uncomplicated in my opinion. It wasn't fine printed or anything but does anyone really read these things in its entirety. I wonder.

Here I am looking for some cash. Just for the heck of it really.

But hey, if things turn out alright, why not? I'd feel accomplished? Is that the right term? For the record, I have earned 35 cents since Monday :-) Like a child getting her first toy it was pure pleasure. Felt like I won big bucks. It's not the money, you see. I am not sure if I am making sense here. But really, small things make me happy.

What now?