Help Find Carol in Tucson, Arizona

I read Moonshadow's blog. Perhaps, we can help find Carol. Below, I am quoting Moonshadow's appeal to those living in Tucson, Arizona.

In any case please find Carol's photo here.

"This is my sister Carol, she lives in Tucson, AZ. Or at least she did the last time I talked to her. Over the years she's had some rough breaks, made some wrong turns taking her down some dark roads. But a couple of years ago she started turning that all around and was starting to get her head above water where she could breath again. I think all the oxygen might have been making her a little light headed.Then a few months ago in the midst of a new stressful job, the lady she was working for blew smoke in her face. I won't go into the details but sis couldn't remain at the job under the circumstances. I'm not real sure what all happened after that because her phone wasn't working right and she's never been the best about keeping touch. The apartment she was staying in was connected to the job, Mom says the letter she sent there was returned. I'm really missing her and with the holidays here... Well, saying that, I have a request:

Do you live in Tucson? Do you know anyone that lives in Tucson? Could you take a look around, send out links to my post to locate her, and let her know her family loves her and really want to hear from her. I know it's a big city, but it's amazing how small the world is, six degrees of separation and all.

Thank You!"

Let's do our share.