Exercise in futility or hopelessly hopeful?

Been there. Done that. What about you?
Milk the unmilkable.
Believe the unbelievable.
Breathe the unbreathable.
Refute the irrefutable.
Regret the unregretable.
Defend the indefensible.
Alter the unalterable.
Mark the unremarkable.
Think the unthinkable.
Read the unreadable.
Fathom the unfathomable.
Wash the unwashable.
Market the unmarketable.
Conquer the unconquerable.
Work the unworkable.
Write the unwritable.
Right the unrightable.
Like the unlikable.
Agree with the disagreeable.
Pity the pitiful.
Abhor the horrible.
Mind the unmindful.
Love the unlovable.
Forgive the unforgivable.