EmBed with Intelligence

From: http://www.strategyanalytics.net

"With processing technology becoming smaller, faster and cheaper, it is now possible to embed tiny computer chips into the most ordinary objects, providing these objects with the ability to sense their environments, to process information, to initiate action, and to communicate with other devices. Data interpretation, pattern recognition and reasoning technologies need to be used correctly, in order for these objects to behave intelligently. Embedded in the software and hardware design of network-enabled devices and Web-based services, this intelligence is becoming the key competitive differentiator for future products and services.

As devices become smarter, and as services delivered become more personalized, the interconnected nature of large numbers of disparate computing and consumer devices within environments that are themselves learning about us, has created a notion of pervasive intelligence.

In the future, each device that a user owns must recognize its owner, anticipate and respond to his or her needs, and interact with this user in the most appropriate and natural manner. What users ultimately want are not a variety of increasingly complex gadgets, but easy ways to access content and services that are relevant specifically to them and tailored to their individual needs. Such personalization requires that future services and devices become both context-aware and self-aware. The Embedded Intelligence area within Strategy Analytics addresses design, cost, technology and organizational issues associated with the deployment of intelligent devices and the delivery of personalized services."

In English: products of the future will succeed if they are capable of providing the user with information relevant to his unique wants, needs and capability to provide a comfortably wonderful experience.