No to Blackie's fate

I saw this news item today about a Ms. Jazmine Estacio writing an online petition advocating a stop to the illegal dog meat trade.

(This reminds me of my dog Blackie, who suffered a tragic ending in the hands of our neighborhood dog meat thugs. I feel my stomach revolting :-( as I write this post.)

Furthermore, the news item tells about these "two Filipino women who met online while visiting a website dedicated to dog lovers. Upon finding out that the Internet was being used as a 'bulletin board' by backyard breeders of dog meat, they decided to do something about it."

So they "started a campaign to collect 50,000 signatures calling for the strict implementation of the ban on dog meat trade."

After collecting the 50,000 signatures, the two women "are set to present their petition to local "lawmakers, officials of concerned agencies, as well as PGMA."

Meet these two women: Rhodora Maiolo and Reggie Sabado. Ms. Maiolo is based in the United States, while Ms. Sabado is a local information technology worker.

By the way, my signature in this campaign is #50,522.