Marikina City again at its finest

"Marikina and seven other urban areas have been declared model cities, making them a good place to live in, work in and do business with", according to The Philippine Star, a local broadsheet.

This after having "complied with the Public Governance System and Scorecard (PGS), which was patterned after the 'balanced scorecard' of Harvard Business School. PGS measures a local government unit's competitive infrastructure, responsible citizenship, growth in the per capita gross domestic product and productivity".

I am proud to say that I am a citizen of Marikina. This "city of mabubuting loob", where I reside belong to that group "dubbed as Dream Cities", aiming to, soon become Southeast Asia's model city in terms of competitiveness. I bet ya! Marikina can compete in terms of good governance, superior public service and taking care of the entrepreneur.

Hep hep hooray! From the Ibanag Marikina dweller!