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Stop Child Abuse

September 27 was supposed to be A "blog against abuse" day. However, my broadband decided not to cooperate.

Although quite late, allow me to just tell this story about this growing social and mental menace through this post.

Once there was a smart and cute little girl, about 8 years old. She had an aunt who would often ask her to come to their house where she and her husband stayed. They were newly weds and had no children yet.

The uncle-in-law seemed to be a real nice man, hugging and cuddling the little girl every time he saw her. No one thought anything about it. The uncle was a much revered new member of the clan. And back then, acts of sexual harassment nor child abuse were ever discussed publicly.

And then one day, the aunt asked the little girl to sleep in their house. She would sometimes do this for their "entertainment" purposes sometimes through a song and dance and or a "spelling bee" session.

The following morning the little girl was awaken by the fondling touch of the "uncle". Still pretending to sleep, she realized her aunt was no where to be found. Afraid and unable to comprehend what was happening, she felt angry. Believing she was still asleep, the "monster uncle" continued touching her. She came to the conclusion that this was bad, really bad! It had to stop. And so with all the courage she can master, she stood up, trembling and cried so loud, the monster's niece who was downstairs at the time ran up to see what was happening. The little girl demanded to see her aunt. Flushed, the "monster" immediately opened the room and stood by the doorway. As the niece entered the room the monster was coaxing the little girl to stop crying, otherwise, she would not get her gift (dress).

The aunt arrives from the market. She gives the little girl her new dress. The little girl takes it without saying a word. And then just suddenly demanded that she now went home.

That appalling incident changed the little girl forever. The horrifying experience traumatized practically all her child and adult life. She became suspicious of boys, distrustful of men, always paranoid. She , remained a nervous wreck, almost always on edge. She was constantly afraid of men relatives; and apprehensive about being "found out". She knew that if ever anyone found out, she would be the one to blame for the incident. Not a soul ever came to know her story - - until recently. And oh, she revealed she never took the dress and never went back to her aunt's house ever.

The child molester is now with Parkinson's disease and almost dying.


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