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High Spirited

Yes, that's how I describe myself following this decision to learn new things despite my advancing age.

I must admit I have surrffed the web for sites that gave me a slight idea about HTML, CSS, bonsai.

I think I had been successful in learrrrnnnniiiinnnnggg how to do screen shots. Big deal!!! In fact, I was able to get a screenshot of this blog. Another big deal!!! It was a requirement of one of the communities I had wanted to join.

But, learning HTML (You see, I wanted to tweak my blogger templates so it would have three columns instead of two which is what I have now; and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), an entirely a different story. Learning this would require additional hours.

For the longest time I had wanted also wanted to learn how to do bonsai. From what I heard, bonsai can help you develop serenity of spirit. I understand that bonsai dispenses patience from its practitioners. Annndddd this is what I neeeeedddd right now.

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"Charity degrades those who receive it, and hardens those who dispense it."

"Money is not neutral; it changes everything, including the ability to neutrally judge what people will or will not do for you."

Living with City Density

It is a must that we curb our population growth
Guesstimates peg that  Metro Manila's population has grown to almost 15million  today. In 1974 while doing my OJT at POPCOM, national rowth rate was 33% and Metro Manila's population at that time was 4 million.  Today it has bloated to almost 15 million after rate was said to have been  'reduced' to 32.1%. Not much improvement really.
Metro Manila population has grown alarmingly fast.  We all know what this means. Living and  health  conditions deteriorate.  Poverty becomes the order of the day. If there are more than 15,000 individuals on a mere square kilometer, you can imagine  pollution, over crowding, resources dwindling and then disease not to mention managing flood disasters in the magnitude of Ondoy and Pepeng. Poor social and economic conditions prevail if not worsen.
The Reproductive Health Bill has been approved.

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