High Spirited

Yes, that's how I describe myself following this decision to learn new things despite my advancing age.

I must admit I have surrffed the web for sites that gave me a slight idea about HTML, CSS, bonsai.

I think I had been successful in learrrrnnnniiiinnnnggg how to do screen shots. Big deal!!! In fact, I was able to get a screenshot of this blog. Another big deal!!! It was a requirement of one of the communities I had wanted to join.

But, learning HTML (You see, I wanted to tweak my blogger templates so it would have three columns instead of two which is what I have now; and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), an entirely a different story. Learning this would require additional hours.

For the longest time I had wanted also wanted to learn how to do bonsai. From what I heard, bonsai can help you develop serenity of spirit. I understand that bonsai dispenses patience from its practitioners. Annndddd this is what I neeeeedddd right now.