Deadly Sin called Pride

"It's pride that makes us think we deserve so much more than our fellow man ---whether it be possessions (greed), sex (lust), or food (gluttony).

It's pride that makes us think we don't have to work hard to deserve good rewards (sloth)!

And it's pride that makes us belittle others and their success (envy) or which allows us to take our feelings out on them when they cross us (anger).

Pride steps right over common sense like it wasn't there.

Pride makes us make rash, foolish choices, and when we do, it makes us an object of comedy and ridicule to others.

When characters are influenced by pride in a play and make bad choices, we the audience get to make moral judgements on them, and thus feel superior or more moral in return (which, I guess, means we fall to the temptation of pride ourselves)."