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Living Tree

Christmas Tree 2012

From last year's Christmas tree to this  still dirty tree,

And now voila! Tadah! Christmas tree v 2012.

Live to Love

Filling the house with Love

Christmas is always a message of HOPE..

And yes call me a great hoarder of  Christmas decor.. I would not mind..

Christmas and all things nice by malud on Polyvore

Living and Bathing

My old Christmas tree (sigh) is waiting for a big clean bath. Good it drizzled for awhile. That tree bath is happening tonight when the sun is temporarily out.

I could hear the tree talk saying, "so you're back with me, huh." I was really meaning to give the tree a break by buying a new one. What with all that experience with Ondoy. But as circumstances dictate, the tree is here to stay for the 2012 holidays :-D

Living Big Brother

Is Big Brother Watching?

Is this some form of big brother  watching?
"Like other technology and communications companies, Google regularly receives requests from government agencies and courts around the world to hand over user data. In this report, we disclose the number of requests we receive from each government in six-month periods with certain limitations." What is a user data request?

Government agencies make requests to Google companies seeking information about Google users accounts or products. In this report, we are generally revealing statistics about demands in criminal investigations. In some cases we may not be able to tell if the demand is for a criminal investigation as opposed to some other purpose. In those situations, we try to include the request in these statistics.           See more here

Living and New Beginnings

Celebration for a new Beginning

When we attended Caloy and Peaches wedding celebration I was in a similar get-up :-D

Best Wishes and Congratulations!

Peaches and Carlos by malud featuring crossbody handbags

Living to Rig

"How to Rig an Election"

Something I found very interesting I had my eyes glued on the desktop screen and mainly due perhaps to the  upcoming 2013 Midterm elections.
How to Rig an Election | Harper's Magazine via @

Living Presidents

Congratulations to Pres Barack Obama!

303 -204 electoral votes in favor of Barack Obama.. hotly contested campaign and yes victory at last, however the house of representatives remain hugely Republican (despite Senate being Democrats).. i think BO would have a difficult time pushing his reforms in this kind of a scenario..

international reaction will be quite positive i assume.. but economic as well as climate related concerns plaguing the world in general need to be addressed.. BO has been re-elected now what? I hope he truly makes a difference.. hu hum

Living and Peace and Order

Who is to blame?

All over the radio: two adult siblings kill an unsuspecting new cum laude grad as she was trying to buy some snack at a not so late 7:00 P.M.. This happened in Bacoor.  It appears that the two were both  drug crazed as they confessed over the radio while both their wives claim they didn't have any drug  habit. One of the wives was  pregnant with her 3rd or 2nd child. Both women are under 25 years old.

One of the suspects was a tricycle diver and older one a vegetable vendor. Presumably, both do not possess any education. Motive of the killing was robbery but also  indicated attempted rape. It seem that cases like this abound elsewhere.

Who do we blame for these two men's -

1. drug habits
2. apparent economic deprivation
3. lack of education
4. appearance of uncontrolled birth