Living and bringing back that Pride

As I watched ABS-CBN's presentation last night about President Cory's fight for democracy, memories came rushing back. At that time my children and I lived inside Camp Aguinaldo. I have always felt lucky to be there, as those moments in our country's history were unfolding.

I remember, JPEnrile and his boys were holed up at the Defense Department building. On the radio, I heard Cardinal Sin was asking for the people to support Enrile. He was calling to what was later known worldwide as People Power.

And so as those moments started to develop, my mother and I together with my children started to feel uneasy, perhaps, short of being afraid. What was going to happen? Will there be civil war? That was foremost in my mind. I feared more for my children than anything else.

And so history revealed itself. It showed so many astoundingly good things about the Filipino. As a tinge of sadness for Cory envelop my rainy morning, I feel good again. Because of Cory, the Filipino stood proudly for a time. I fervently hope that President Cory's death will make us all feel that way again.