Living with Unprofessional Property Owners

When we moved to our dwelling  unit 8 months ago, our drainage system in the kitchen and laundry area weren't working. Filthy water came out of the drain every time the rain poured. Every time it rained  I prayed hard. I asked God not to get our kitchen  flooded. Imagine the dirty black and oily substances that came out of the sewer system when the drain overflows. Whew! My blood pressure boils every time.

And so last December, 2 dwellers out of the 5 left. I was surprised. I didn't realize they too were having problems. I heard that one was having problems about their roof - water coming out of the ceiling. Har! And then the other unit owner defective kitchen sink. They had to wash their dishes in the bathroom. Eeww!

Just the other day, our next door neighbor's living area got all wet when water overflowed from their laundry area.  Apparently, water supply plumbing got busted. Guess what. The pipes were sitting a few inches above the electricals. How dangerous is that? I wonder what kind of architectural designs were submitted to the City government by the owners. And how were they evaluated? Funny? I say dangerous.

To think that this property  is just 3 years old? I don't care to imagine what happens after a few more years. What I know is that this real estate property was developed under a packaged loan type of contracting. Now the "owners" are saying they were duped!!! And whose fault is that now? More important, at whose expense, today?  Grin. Us the tenants....

Lesson learned - do your due diligence. No matter if you're in a hurry to get a new place. Check the drainage, roofing system, plumbing, water supply system, laundry area provisions, kitchen. In other words, check everything, like you were using a fine tooth comb. You see most lessors suck! I am sure this one is.

Pronto! We need to fast track our moving-out plans.