Joining dnxpert contest

Again, I have decide to join another web contest. This time it is hosted by the dnxpert. If you think this contest is awesome, which I did, see the mechanics of the contest here, and then join. Now!

Prices are staggeringly good and that's why I want to win the US$500 cash thru Paypal because it will allow me the pleasure of buying domain names for my blogs, plus have blog makeovers. I guess that should give me enough inspiration to earnestly participate in this contest.

Now, how to earn contest points:

Step 1: ( Required step). Register as a DNXpert forum member. Registration is free. Register here. Be sure to click the confirmation email in your inbox, upon registration. Then leave a comment here with your forum username to indicate participation. (Done that? 1 point earned )

Step 2: Write a post on your blog indicating which prize you would love to win most and why? Leave your post url in the comments section. Find it here. (10 points)

To monitor your current random draw points check it out here.

Also, by simply participating in this contest, participants will win a mystery prize from a mystery sponsor which will be revealed on November 30.

So what are we all waiting for?

Join now.