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Project Citiwide House Numbering

Talk about good governance, Marikina City is at the forefront once again. This morning some city employees came over to do a survey about house numbering. Let me say, that at the moment , the street where we live utilizes a hassle-prone type of house numbering.

Imagine that our number is being used by three or four other houses, including our next door neighbor. But theirs is fine. We are xxx-A and they are xxx-B. No problem. Thing is, we get door-belled every so often for mails and deliveries which are not really intended for our household. It is such a hassle, considering that these delivery people ring our bell as if there was no tomorrow. Grrr.

But at last! Finally! There is relief in sight.

Marikina is doing a city-wide survey or housemapping activities to rationalize its house numbering system. The task is also in aid of updating the city's real property database and city-mapping system. Ah hah! Finally, the tax evaders' days are numbered. An efficient house numbering system will definitely ensure quicker response time for possible police, fire, or rescue 161 requirements for the residents of each and every community.

As stated in their leaflet, the city government through this project also envision to provide better distribution of all snail mails and other documents sent through the traditional post office infrastructure.

I say Bravo Marikina!

BF for VP he! he! :-)


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