Farming the Lot

I have always dreamed of owning a farm. Especially when I became ill that I wanted to move from the city to somewhere far but not too far, cold and surrounded by verdant scenery where the breeze can almost heal your tired mind and your tired body. How good is it to picture yourself growing your vegetables, and a couple of fruit trees with a small pond of fresh fish ready to be grilled. (poor fish). Kidding aside, doesn’t this ambiance smell of nothing but clean and healthy living?

My aunt told me five years ago that she and her husband were able to acquire a 500 sq meter farm lot from Lipa City in Batangas. She was encouraging me to get my own and in fact said this was one of the best investments I could make if only to prepare for retirement. It is affordable she added. I could only sigh. Two of my children were still in college at that time. Everything was reserved for their education.

As my aunt mentioned, the developer encouraged them to plant fruit trees as soon as it was possible. Vegetables can come in much, much later. Accordingly, they were assured that in-house farm technicians were available to provide the technical know-how. T cap it all, manpower was available as well to help them initially manage their farms. The goal was to help the farm lot owners to make their their property productive, that which will produce additional income in the form of farm yields.

How great an idea is that?

Looking back, I wondered, if I had the guts enough to own one at that time, I could be blogging through desktop today, amidst a backdrop of lush greeneries, eating my own greens and grilling the freshest fish anyone can have.

The investment couldn’t have been wiser.