Ibanag na Filipina ako - ikaw?

I stumbled upon this web campaign here. After browsing through the site I thought what a great idea, something worth supporting - all the way.

My take:
1. Filipinas are more than just mail-order brides. We are great wives to our husbands, mothers to our children, daughters to our parents, sisters to our siblings, girlfriends to our boyfriends, confidantes to our friends.
2. Filipinas are not only good domestic helpers. We are competent accountants, teachers, writers, lawyers, media practitioners, office workers, salespersons, factory workers, market vendors.
3. Filipinas are not only great caregivers but we are also terrific nurses, doctors, medical professionals, social workers, etc.
4. Filipinas are also capable call center workers, baristas, cooks, chefs, sometimes working and grinding the graveyard shift.
5. Filipinas also include self sacrificing OFW's and 'japayukis', striving overseas-based singers and band artists, fashion industry workers, ect.

I believe all these Filipinas no matter who they are, no matter where they come from, educated or not; they have a right to live the life they choose.