Honesty? But the truth hurts

Something to ponder on today...

I saw this blog. And I liked the message. Commenting I said:

Hi there,

Be truthful no matter how painful it could get. That is the ideal. But how many
of us practice this? People in government particularly. Politicians who have the
gall to twist the truth at every instance and still manage to look you straight
in the eye. Ahhh, "honesty is hardly ever heard", goes the song...

Nevertheless, I wish everyone honesty in their seemingly, ordinary daily lives.

The author's response was:

Thank you for your comment, lotusflower.

Honesty may be a rarity in our world of smoke and mirrors, but I'm glad it struck a chord with you.

Dishonesty stems from believing that a lie will impress others or bring unearned value, but for the most part a fraudulent person is finally trapped in his own dung.

Personally, I like to sleep well each night knowing that the way I conduct myself each day is built on integrity and service. Maybe that is the slower path to the top of the heap, but consistency and integrity do eventually pay off handsomely because people get what they expect.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

Richard A. Posner